Royal Honey & Argan Collection

The new and improved Royal Honey & Argan Collection is a delightful collection of 4 products that are emollient rich. Used by all hair types, it was especially formulated for thick and dry hair. Rich with honey, Argan, Aloe & Castor oil, it penetrates deep into the hair to thoroughly hydrate dry curls while leaving hair feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. 

Not all of the products in the collection are new. We reformulated Honey Buttercream Moisturizer, adding Argan oil and a new and absolutely delightful creamy fragrance. Your hair will not only feel good, it will smell amazing too. We also reformulated Honey & Castor Hair Balm. 

The new comers to the game are the Royal Honey & Argan hair Mask and Royal Honey & Argan Twisting Custard.